Love Nagasaki♡

Glover Hill and Oura Cathedral

Oura Cathedral where Hidden Christians were discovered by a French Priest in1865.

Tram with tourists

Overview of Nagasaki City from Glover Garden

Shinchi China Town

Tram again ...!

Holland Hill (Oranda Zaka)

Nagasaki residential hilly !

Brochure of Dejima, with detailed beautiful pictures of the lifestyle in 17th-19th, when Dejima was the only link to Western World...

Location of Nagasaki

*Nagasaki | 1. International city: the only city which traded with Holland and China under national isolation, 2. Christian city: where hidden christians were discovered in 1865, 3. Peace city: where abomb was exploded in 1945 and people pray for world peace

Last Update: November 27, 2011