Flower and Bird Garden in Kakegawa

Last Update: February 10, 2011

Tea Field and Castle @ Kakegawa

Get out of Tokyo for perfect mini-breaks?

On a day like this, with a perfect weather, castles are can’t-miss.

Though there’s no princess inside to rescue, it’s nice to walk around the castle tower and the huge property, imagining how the life was there during samurai period.

And wonder, how people managed to build such delicate things 400 years ago, when there were no computers…

Oh, I love these sliding doors…

They absolutely make things look mysterious.

As I gradually open them, I get excited to see what’s over there…

This time, It was a well maintained tree with beautifully colored leaves, right in front of the castle tower.


these are also leaves.

And are drinkable ! (after farmented and steamed ; ) )

Can you guess what they are?

They contain lots of vitamin C, good for skin, and are thought to be  one of the reasons why Japanese people live so long (Women live 86 years old in average !!).

Yes, they are all tea leaves, which make Japanese green tea.

Not only green tea, Japanese food are really healthy.

Food (and of course sake !) is definitely the greatest attraction of traveling.

Yes, in Tokyo we can eat any fine food, if we pay a lot.

But when we travel, we can enjoy the local food with the local atomosphere, which belong only to that place, and the moment.

Then I come to think it’s not the food which should travel,but we human beings who are to travel.

Last Update: February 10, 2011