Sendai city center, and Gyūtan !

Sendai Shopping Arcade, with hundreds of shops and restaurants

Gyūtan (grilled beef tongue), the speciality of Sendai !

Pedestrian bridges In front of Sendai Station

Aoba Dori Street, with so many trees and Date Masamune ornaments

Hirose River

Sendai City Museum

Sendai Shopping Arcade

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The location of Sendai, the largest city of Tohoku with more than 1 million population

Last Update: August 19, 2011

Matsushima, frilled with tourists and seagulls, 5 months after 3.11

Arriving Matsushima, with the sight of 260 beautiful islands

View from the sightseeing boat

Trying to feed seagulls...

Summer festival is being prepared...

Alphonso Mango soft cream ;)

Matsushima pier frilled with young tourists

Oysters are raised

Matsushima beer !

Sashimi topping with sushi rice, and with beer

Urakasumi, local sake

Leaving Matsushima...

Manga train...! 'Senseki line' connecting Sendai and Ishinomaki

Location of Matsushima, 30 minutes train ride from Sendai (Tohoku's largest city)

Last Update: August 19, 2011