Computing: Working with iPad x iPhone x iPod x laptops

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Digital devices I am currently using for my work:
*iPad 2 (White/Wi-Fi)
*iPhone 4S (White)
*iPod Nano (Pink)
*MacBook Pro
*Sony Vaio Laptop
*E mobile
(Portable Wi-Fi provider)

- is mainly for creating and editing documents with ‘Pages’, emailing, browsing, editing my website, and especially reading electric books and magazines. When I am on business trips I always carry this and not bringing my laptop anymore. The advantage is that iPad is very light and compact, and has long lasting battery.
Also notable is that the audio speaker is fairly well made. It can work as a music player at hotel rooms. In planes and trains, I can enjoy films with a beautiful screen and nice sound.
And recently, thanks to , I can always sync my photos, calendar, contacts, reminder (to do list), and files with other devices and share them whenever they are connected to Wi-Fi, which means I have no need to send attachments between devices, or bring USB memory anymore.
What’s wonderful about iPad is that it gives such a comfortable feeling especially when we share it, which is the huge difference from PCs and iPhone. iPad is rather for friends, families, and couples, which makes it possible for more than two people to share the screen together. It makes me feel as if I am holding a restaurant menu with somebody, discussing what to eat and drink with excitement.

* is a compact version of iPad, except that is can work as mobile phone and high quality digital camera with GPS function!  Still, having an iPhone is such an advantage in a city like Tokyo, where trains, even coffee shops are so crowded and iPad is too large to hold. Also in a place like Disneyland, while waiting in line for popular attractions, iPhone is greatly helpful, to browse Disney Land website to check how long we need to wait for each attractions. iPhone is very handy, and gives me a feeling as if I m holding a compact mirror.

* is for listening to music, especially to audiobooks. Even a thick heavy book like can be saved in this tiny device (though it takes nearly 47 hours to listen to the whole story!), and I can listen to it without holding anything, even without light. iPhone or iPad have ‘iPod’ (now it’s named ‘Music’) within them and can take place of iPod Nano in terms of function, but, as iPod nano has no connection, there’s no interruption when listening. Also it has long lasting battery.For people who prefer to listen to books rather than reading, I think this is an absolute solution.

* works as a professional machine. I use MacBook when I create keynotes or my website pages which needs complicated layouts. Also it can work as a main device, containing all databases. Since my iPad has only 16GB, it can not contain all the files I want to keep. Especially films are so heavy, one title is like 2GB. And my iPod nano has only 8GB, so I cannot put all music and audiobooks into it. So when I sync my devices via iTunes, I select only the files I currently need, so that my iPad, iPhone and iPod can have only checked files.

*Sony Vaio laptop is for the cases I need to use Windows application such as word, excel, and power point. I usually use iPad or MacBook when creating files, and turn them to PDF. But sometimes I need Windows environment and Vaio can deal with it.

*Lastly, I carry emobile (Pocket Wi-Fi) to provide connection to my devices wherever I go. Though it has a problem that the battery lasts for only several hours, it is the best possible solution at the moment. Thanks to this my devices can get connected almost everywhere in Japan, except for when I am on Shinkansen Bullet trains and express trains, undergrounds, high-rise buildings, or deep in the mountains.

Akko Takamiya

Last Update: November 30, 2011