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The second most popular question I am asked whenever I have a chance to talk is, how I keep my English skill. So, here I list 7 things I do. Please also refer to the JAPAN TIMES article, where I talk about my profession, how to be an interpreter, etc.
講演などでお話する機会をいただく際に2番目に多くいただくご質問が、英語のメンテナンス、ブラッシュアップのメソッドです。以下、日常生活に取り入れられる英語活用法を7つ挙げてみます。☆Related Post:英語を使う仕事について〜ジャパンタイムス掲載記事(※日本語訳)。

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1. Audiobooks: Listen to books freeing your hands, with 7.49 USD per month.

2. Gadgets: Use your computers, digital cameras, iPhone in English by setting language.

3. FaceBook, Google Wikipedia: Change language setting

4. Museums : Can you tell who’s ‘Renoir’, ‘Vermeer’?
(Renoir, Vermeer…意外と?な固有名詞。美術館、博物館情報も英語で)

5. Traveling in English

6. Films: Visit the original official sites, for trailers, reviews, and other info.

7. Haruki Murakami can be appreciated bilingually.

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Last Update: May 19, 2011