Film quotes: Dialogues and Interviews of ‘Somewhere’ (2010)

* Interview of Elle Fanning, staring Cleo(主人公クレオ役・エル・ファニング インタビュー)(YouTube)

Here Elle Fanning describes the film, especially about the father and daughter relationship, between Johnny Marco and Cleo.

‘I met Sophia at her brother’s studio place, in a office, and she was there, so we just talked about the character. We talked about what I like to do, then after that, we came to the chateau, and met Stephen. I acted like Cleo, he acted like Johnny, I knocked on the door and he was like ‘Oh, Hi!’, and he was over there, had to go and get a cool towel, so we just sort of did like the plot.’

‘Cleo is an eleven year old girl, and her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mom most of the time, and she doesn’t really see her dad much. Then she goes in and live with her dad in Chateau Marmont for a couple of weeks before over summer for camp. And she is excited about it, because she doesn’t really get to see him a lot.’

‘He’s a good dad when she’s around, but then when she’s not around, he’s not so great. She’s a sort of takes care of him, you know, gets him up, wakes him up in the morning, gets him going and makes his breakfast. They’re really close, they have a lot of fun together. This is been one of the calm, not under pressure at all that I’ve been on. ‘

*Somewhere Movie Trailer Official (HD)(YouTube)

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