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Tour Assistance in Tokyo (Weekend only)
Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays/ Need Reservation/ Traveling either by private car or public train/ half day or full day / from 200 USD

-From your hotel, you will be assisted visiting your favorite destinations (Trad/Modern Sight-see spots, Beauty treatments such as Spa, Shopping districts, Restaurants, etc).

Business Assistance (Weekend / Evening in Tokyo / via Internet)
During your business trip in Tokyo and Japan/ Through Internet

-Interpretation, Translation (presentation data, company website, etc.)

*See guest comments

*Please contact . and provide the following information.
Your name, country, travel itinerary including dates, hotel name

For Tokyo visitors…

`Fortunately, Tokyo is such a big city we could never have cover it all’ … quotes from Haruki Murakami’s novel,`Norwegian Wood’.

Yes, Tokyo is an amazing city, with a clear contrast of tradition and modernism, populated by 13 million people within 2,100 sq. km (811 sq. miles)… so tightly packed !

It is not just one big city, but a collection of dozens of different cities, each of which has its own `style’. Somehow different people stay in different cities, and you can identify that by looking at the way they’re dressed, what they carry, or especially by generations.

If you’d love to wander around and dine out on your own, staying in hotels with good location,  very preferably with direct connection to JR or Metro, is essential.  I personally recommend staying in Asakusa, Shibuya, Ginza, or Roppongi.

Tokyo is a perfect paradice for foodies. Beside succulent Sushi or Sashimi, Japan has wide range of cooked dishes such as Yakisoba noodle, Okonomiyaki, and International dinners arranged in Japanese style. Sake bars are also interesting, for you can select small side dishes one by one.

And before visiting Tokyo, you cannot forget to check `Lost in Translation’ once more. (Hope Tokyo is more friendly when you actually visit!)

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It is friendly not only to PC users, but also to iPhone users, so that you can carry the contents wherever you go.

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