How Does Chase Sapphire Travel Insurance Work?

Here’s everything you need to know about how Chase Sapphire Travel Insurance works, including what’s covered and what isn’t.

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Chase Sapphire Travel Insurance is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers you for a wide range of eventualities when you’re away from home. Whether you’re looking for cover for your next holiday or trip, or you’re a regular traveller who wants peace of mind when you’re on the road, Chase Sapphire Travel Insurance could be the right policy for you.

What is covered?

Chase Sapphire travel insurance covers you for trip cancellations, interruptions and delays, as well as lost or delayed baggage. It also provides emergency medical and dental coverage, and 24/7 assistance while you’re traveling.

How to make a claim

In order to make a claim with Chase Sapphire Travel Insurance, you will need to have the following information handy:

-Your policy number
-A description of the incident
-The date of the incident
-Any relevant documentation, such as medical bills or a police report

Once you have gathered all of the necessary information, you can file a claim online or by calling the customer service number listed on your policy.


The travel insurance provided by Chase Sapphire does not cover certain types of events, such as:
-Pre-existing medical conditions
-Cancel for any reason
-Trip interruption or delay
-Baggage loss or delay
-Change fees
-Missed connections
-Flight cancellations or delays not caused by severe weather

Important information

When you purchase travel insurance through Chase Sapphire, you’ll be covered for a variety of unforeseen circumstances that could impact your trip. From trip cancellation and interruption to lost luggage and emergency medical expenses, we’ve got you covered.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about using travel insurance with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card.

What is covered?
The travel insurance benefit on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card covers you for trip cancellation and interruption, baggage delay and lost or stolen baggage, and emergency medical and dental expenses. You’re also covered if you need to cancel your trip because of a covered weather event or terror attack.

How much coverage do I get?
The amount of coverage you get depends on the reason for your trip cancellation or interruption. For example, if you need to cancel your trip because of an illness or injury, you’ll be reimbursed up to $10,000 per person. If your trip is interrupted due to a schedule change by your common carrier (like a flight being delayed), you’ll be reimbursed up to $500 per person. And if your baggage is delayed, you’ll be reimbursed up to $100 per day for three days.

What isn’t covered?
The travel insurance benefit on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card doesn’t cover things like cancellations due to normal life events (like a change in job status or getting pregnant), so be sure to read the policy carefully before you buy.


We hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any further questions about how Chase Sapphire travel insurance works, please feel free to contact us.

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