Hello. I am Akko, the writer of this website. Through, I hope you can get some images of your travel in Japan.

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Graduated from  in Tokyo,  for 5 years working at Fuji Electric, contributing to the promotion of school computer systems. Passing the national exam of English speaking tour-guide, experienced travel business in 2005-2010, throughout Japan. Currently work as an interpreter and translater in global business scenes, lecturer at universities and tourism association. Japanese Market Rep. of BandPro Film & Digital.

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So far I guided people from more than 20 different nations, to destinations all over Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, for 4 years. I also give lectures on inbound tourism at schools, universities, and tourism events, to share the idea of `TRAVEL LOCALLY’. And I love traveling myself.

Japan is safe, friendly, and mysterious, with lots of attractions yet unknown.

Most people, when they visit Japan for the first time, go to big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, Kyoto, to see cool vibrant cities and traditional temples and garden. That’s one thing you can enjoy.

Another thing I recommend is, to tranquil local villages, port towns, or maybe to little islands or peninsulas, where good old lifestyles remain, there’ll be a fresh surprise.

Japan is a country of wonder.

Nearly 70 percent of the land is mountain (you can feel that when you travel by shinkansen bullet train, for there’re many long tunnels! ) surrounded by beautful ocean, which bring us good Sashimi, Sushi, and other fresh cuisine.

From north to south, climate is different, food are different (even sake or soy sauce differs so much !), and people are so different.

For people who love to eat, Japan is an absolute paradise.

Now one thing I am very sure about Japan is it’s worth visiting, because it’s worth living.

So please visit !

Akko Takamiya

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YOKOSO!JAPAN Travel Mart (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)、Foodex(2007), International Fashion Fair(2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), Ozon World Congress Tokyo(2009), FilmTech International Event (2010), National Iranian Oil Company Visit to Tokyo(2010.5), FOMA JAPAN (2010.6), MOBAC  SHOW 2011 , , Mt.6 SUMMIT 2011 at Nozawa Onsen’(2011.7.4), a Japanese Market Rep. of l.

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-Cross-Cultural Communication and Global Business
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Sumer Career Seminar @ Utsunomiya University(2008), Inbound Tourism Seminar @ IJCEE(2008),  (2008), Seminar at Shimonoseki city(2008), Guest speaker at Rikkyo University’s Tourism Department (2009)
,(2009) ( (2009.11) , Seminar at Japan Guide Association(2009 and 2010),  (2010), Guest speaker at Rikkyo University Tourism Department (2010.5.31, 2010.6.1),  Summer Career Seminar at Utsunomiya University International Career Seminar (2010.9), Guest speaker at Tokyo Keizai University (2010.11.25), Guest speaker at Keio University, Science and Technology `Inbound Tourism and Project Management’(2010.12.14),  Guest speaker at Rikkyo University’s Tourism Department, Tourism and Economy (2010.12.20, 2011.5.23), Rikkyo University’s Language and Culture (2011.6.15), Nozawa Onsen in Nagano (2011.6.16 ), ,

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