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*Travel Photo Collections, Nov.2011

Nagasaki, the west end of Japan... Photo Diary 2011


Akko Takamiya / 高宮 暖子
Tour Guide-Interpreter / Interpreter
Graduated from Sophia University, worked as a system designer of school computer networks at Fuji Electric group company for five years. Passing the national exam of interpreter tour guide (Certification No: EN00138), started tourism business then extended it into international business management service to assist tourists and corporate visitors from overseas. (Please also refer to )
Read Haruki Murakami, play the piano, and love traveling.
Website: https://deartravelers.com

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Interpreter, Guide-Interpreter, Business Management with English-Japanese communication assistance in Tokyo+outside Tokyo + overseas, Translation of Website, Business Documents, Brochure, etc (English to Japanese/ Japanese to English), Web Design, Web Marketing  collaborating with  . Please feel free to contact 


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